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Essay Indian Restaurant Review


17824 Pioneer Blvd
Artesia, CA90701
(562) 860-5621

I've been here twice for their lunch buffet and really enjoyed it. They have a large selection of different types of Indian food including desserts. They also have fresh hot flat breads brought to the table. Great prices. Good food.

Took a date here after we went to an event. It was his first time eating Indian food, which was kind of exciting. The decor was clean and inviting, actually making for an nice intimate date spot. And the service was friendly and efficient. Given the prices, I expected there to be a little more food with higher-quality flavors. I think it's tough when you can get really great Indian food at many places so cheaply. Not sure if I would my return, but date loved his first experience with Indian flavors.

I had their lunch buffet and I'm not happy. The food might seem good to someone who's eating indian for the first time but if you understand indian food even a bit, you won't like this place. Most of the stuff had no salt. One star for the chicken in tikka and one for mango fruit cream. Nothing else was even worth trying. Not stopping here again.

This is my favorite southern cali Indian fine cuisine. It's great from 11-3, buffet stylr

My go-to Indian restaurant whenever I get that craving. They are popular for their lunch buffet which is a super good deal for all the curry and naan you can eat, but it also gets super packed during that time. I most recently came for dinner for the first time. It's a lot less people during dinner, which is great when you're hungry. Their dinner menu is massive so you'll definitely find something that you like. Without fail, I will always choose a lamb curry, and my bf likes vindaloo so we ordered the lamb vindaloo. As usual the lamb is suuuper tender and the spices in the curry are perfect. It's not the kind of spicy that'll make you sweat. It's a subtle smokiness that's very enjoyable. What I love about this restaurant also is that it's big, bright, and clean. The servers are also very nice. I would say the price during dinner is a bit expensive but the food is always great.

I've been here twice; Both times for the weekday lunch buffet. Among the myriad of Indian restaurants along Pioneer Blvd in Artesia, The India Restaurant stands out as one of the better ones. The interior of the restaurant is nice and clean and the selection of dishes are plentiful. Vegetarian, Poultry, Red Meat. From curries to tandoori, there's bound to be something for everyone. I usually just sample a couple of bites of the other dishes and go straight for the Lamb curry. Rice + Lamb curry. You can't go wrong. The lamb is tender and the meat seems like it comes mostly from the Shank, which is fine by me. Super delish! Price is reasonable at $11.xx for lunch buffet. The parking situation could use some work though.

Came here last Friday 11/17/17 because I was craving Indian food and I needed to go to 99 ranch across the street. I have been here a couple of years ago for the lunch buffet, but I wanted to try the a la carte dinner. There is parking at the back if you need to, and a small neighborhood as well for street parking. The ambiance is very nice, almost formal. It is well-kept and clean. I believe they have a full bar? Definitely some beers, but not sure if they have the full liquor package. We ordered Lamb Vindaloo (with rice), Samosas, and some naan. The Samosas were about $6-7 for 2 large pieces, although I was kind of expecting more for the price. I am not sure what meat was in it, but it was seasoned well. The Lamb Vindaloo was tender and the spice was the type that crept up on you as you kept eating. I liked this one and the quantity was enough to share. Not a bad place for sit down Indian food, but I would still want to try places around to compare.

Came in standard dinner time at about 7pm on a Friday night. Party of 3. Fast prompt service. Nice ambiance. Butter chicken was delicious. Had okras as well. Yum! I was on a diet so I went for the chicken chat, side salad and chicken tomato soup. Pretty bland, so I took a star. Would definitely come back to try everything else.

For the prize and selection it is a great deal. I was not expecting a lot for a lunch buffet on a week day. But the flavor is really good with their vegetarian selection.And to top it all my all time favorite gulab jamun dessert is awesome! Highly recommended

Tonight was another family dinner night with the parents. I ordered what I always get when I go to an Indian restaurant: Paneer masala ($12), which is Indian cheese in a thick tomato sauce with Indian spices, and garlic naan ($3). My food was good, but not so good that I'd come back when I can get the same items for less at the restaurant I've been going to for over a decade just down the street. My parents also commented that the items they ordered didn't taste any better than what they get at our go-to Indian restaurant. My dad also wasn't happy with the service here. Overall, The India Restaurant has good food, but it's more expensive than its worth. As my dad said, "The food we got was nothing extraordinary yet it's pricier, so why bother."

We love coming here! The atmosphere feels very classy but it's ok to dress casual too. I've been here for dinner twice and just today checked out their lunch buffet, which I must say did not disappoint!!!! The lunch buffet is $11.95 and comes with appetizers, pakora, salad bar, tandoori chicken, butter chicken, chicken curry, fish or lamb shank, rice and garlic naan. Oh, and dessert! Today we were lucky they had lamb shank. I don't usually crave Indian food, but today I did and it was a good call. The buffet is a must because it's worth every dollar. You get unlimited servings and the food is so delicious. I wish they had the buffet at dinner time too. The service is great. They're always so good at filling up our waters and when we come for dinner, the food is served fairly quickly. It can get busy, especially during lunch time and parking can be tight, so expect to park on the street if the lot is full.

The benefits of your boyfriend living in Norwalk are him being so close to Little India! I've been bugging him for years now to take me and FINALLY we went! He told me there's dozens to choose from but we landed on The India Restaurant. We arrived about 40 mins prior to the lunch buffet ending, but they graciously welcomed us and let us know what they offered. I dug right in and was beyond happy to see all the vegetarian options. Before we made it back with our plates we already had our drinks and garlic naan, WONDERFUL! My round one plate was a samosa, veggie Korma, chana marsala, palak, sag paneer and of course rice. I couldn't get enough of the veggie korma, I went back and probably had 3-4 plates, it was so delicious. It was served piping hot and spicy with a creamy twist. It was great with the garlic naan, or with jasmine rice or just by itself, it was perfect. Don't get me wrong everything else was good, but hands down the veggie korma was my favorite! However, the samosa, yuck! Maybe it was because we arrived a little before they ended the lunch, but the samosa was way to dry. It was so dried up that the potatoes in the samosa were gone, it was just hot peas in the deep fried ball. The desserts were also wonderful! I thought I wouldn't have any room after the 5-7 plates of food I disgustingly ate, BUT I DID! So in lady like fashion I shoveled another 3-4 plates of desserts in my mouth. The gulab jamun, was delicious not too syrupy and had a mild taste rather than a licorice taste. I also really enjoyed the rice pudding; it was the perfect ending to this amazing meal. And to top off this amazing experience, it was light on your wallet, buffet for 2 was $25!

The man and I don't crave Indian too much, but when we do, (in his words) "It's a very special night." And the only place he would want to go is The Indian Restuarant. I mean, why not? it's THEE Indian Restuarant. Also, because after you eat Indian food, the smell is all over your hair and clothes, your breath and possibly end up making you gassy. :D Might consider going straight home after. Jokes aside, this restaurant is by far the best Indian cuisine we've had. It has been a favorite spot for him. He sharing this with me has made it my favorite. A little bit on the pricey side. Although the service can be slow and sometimes you can see they are short staffed, the food is that good, you just gotta let that stuff slide. Perfect for Vegetarians! Chicken Tikki Masala - creamy sauce always a winner! Samosa - can skip, but a good option for appetizer Garlic Naan - Must have. Goes so well with any sauce Disco Naan - For those that love a good spicy kick Shrimp Garlic Masala - lighter sauce base, full of favor Veggie Curry - lighter creamy sauce, lighter in flavor Every dish we've had are full of flavor, each having its own special spices to it. If I were eating this alone, I'd probably use the naan to wipe every drop of sauce on the plate to clean it off. Parking is limited in the front of the restaurant, but try the rear parking lot. There's usually open spots. Need to come back for their buffet one day. Enjoy!

Was introduced to the lunchtime buffet by my work colleagues. Not only was it very reasonably priced but very delicious . The service is more than attentive, the place is clean and takes a lot of pride in showcasing it mire like a high end fine dining location with accessible prices. Never have been a fan of Indian food aside from Tandori Chicken but this place is sure making me fall in love with Indian food .

Looking for lunch spot and stumbled in The India restaurant. To my surprise they had a buffet for lunch 12-3pm. I went for it, damn it was GOOD! If your in the neighborhood it's a MUST stop for lunch... very clean and smells great.

Arrived at 2.55pm with 8 was told we close at 3pm. Old desi guy was rude. Never coming back

Came for the Sunday buffet. Price was wonderful ($12 per person) and the food quality was great. Vegetarian selection was exactly what I needed. As a picky vegetarian, I found plenty of options to fill my plate. They had matar paneer curry, two types of dal, broccoli and potato curry, and so much more. My husband really enjoyed the lamb curry and the tandoori chicken. Not very many food impress him, but he found the food combinations fantastic. Rice pudding was delicious! They also had a mango fruit cream that was tasty. We came in around noon time, and we missed the crowd by a couple minutes. It was busy. The waiter was throwing not so subtle hints for us to hurry eating. The check came ten minutes after we started eating. After we paid, the waiter stated that they we people waiting and they were sorry for the rush. It wasn't the best service in that way.

My cousin went here to get some takeout. She ordered butter chicken and three orders of garlic naan. While she is waiting for the order, one of the waiters glares at her, then pulls two other guys over to glare at her too. She wasn't sure if they were being racist or not. The total was $62. Way too expensive. Then she got home and we discovered that all of the naan was burnt. I guess they aren't used to having customers come into their restaurant that aren't Indian. If you are not Indian, I would not recommend eating here. Super disappointed by how unprofessional the staff was towards my cousin. We just wanted to try your food, there was no need to treat her that way. Will never be coming here again. The butter chicken was ok. There is an Indian restaurant we normally go to that makes it better.

best lamp chops ever.. best Indian food on pioneer blvd...

I am not going to pretend like I know much about Indian food, since I am still exploring different places and dishes, but this place seemed pretty legit. We went for the lunch buffet and they had a decent spread of food, similar to what I am used to seeing. Total for 2 people was $25.99. To start, Naan was brought to the table. 2 regular and 2 garlic pieces. The garlic naan was awesome! Next time I will ask for garlic naan only. The yogurt sauce for the salad was delicious and added a refreshing cleanse amidst and otherwise heavy meal. From the buffet, the mushroom masala, tandoori chicken, and chicken masala were my favorite. Each chicken dish was not over cooked and the flavor did not overpower my palate. Some of the fried vegetables were a little disappointing, lacked flavor and I wish I saved my stomach for more of the other tasty stuff. I will definitely come back here but first, I will explore some other places.

For 20 years, Jersey City’s Newark Avenue just north of Journal Square has been known as Little India. Dozens of businesses cater to the culinary and cultural needs of South Asians, and the street includes groceries selling spices, dry goods, and vegetables (many unfamiliar to Westerners); stores flogging the gold jewelry that makes up the dowries of Indian brides; sari shops; pan sellers (who wrap mixtures of spices and unguents in beadle leaves, which are then chewed); and some really kick-ass restaurants.

Originally, the stores catered to Gujaratis, who came from India’s westernmost state, but now South Indians from states such as Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala have filtered in. Like the Gujaratis, many prefer eating vegetarian, though there are also many meat eaters among them.

Several restaurants specialize in dosas, the fermented rice-and-lentil pancakes―often stuffed with curried vegetables―that form the heart of South India meatless cooking. Plenty of places also flaunt the currently faddish Indo-Chinese menu, a cuisine that represents a popular adaptation of Chinese cooking for Indian tastes. Take some time to cruise the two dozen restaurants along the two long blocks of Little India, as well as those spilling onto the side streets, before deciding where to eat.

Getting there: Take the PATH train from Manhattan to Journal Square, then walk north along John F. Kennedy Boulevard until you hit Newark Avenue.

Click through the gallery above to see scenes from Jersey City’s Little India, as well as the best places to eat when you visit.

Written by Robert Sietsema (@robertsietsema)