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Oreo Case Study Pdf

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As you can see by this graphic, the Oreo worldwide Twitter account shares a lot of their own content and do reply to a considerable amount of tweets. Given the brand is known globally, it’s easy to imagine that they receive a lot of mentions by customers and raving fans which does emphasise how much Oreo do reply to tweets on Twitter. Around a third of their activity is replying to tweets which is a nice amount for their customers.

Below is a screenshot of just one post from Oreo. They share a lot of content just like this, the idea being able to get people sharing the content and to show off how awesome their products are. The language used in the tweet is also highly targetted towards their target market, the younger generation. They are appealing to their sense of humour in this tweet mentioning that if “you’re a chocolate hater” that’s a “bummer” for you rather than the brand losing out on you as a customer.

Oreo share short video content like this very often. Their tweets always contain an image or a video, unless it is a reply to a tweet. On average they get around 400 to 500 retweets and more favourites than that on their content tweets.


Oreo post on their Facebook page every two to three weeks with varied frequency. Because of this the engagement on each post is higher than on Twitter. Oreo have set up their page very nicely, the cover image looks nice and they have created a custom tab. This is obviously a tab created around a campaign. The content on this tab was a “submit your own recipe” themed bank of images sent in by Oreo fans. In this tab there are a lot of desserts and snack foods created by fans with an Oreo biscuit or parts of one used in the making of the food. This is a great idea to encourage active engagement with the Facebook page and brand. This is a great example of Oreo using their fans to help them create content.

I think that this custom tab is a great idea. If you have liked the brand Facebook page you are already interested in buying their products and a fan of the brand. This makes Facebook the perfect place to have this community of super fans sharing content they created themselves to encourage others to become active engagers too.

Much like Twitter, the content on the page is all promotional content showcasing their products. This makes sense because having liked their Facebook page you have already shown an interest in their products. You will only need convincing a little more until you become a customer, you don’t need curated content to introduce the idea of the brand to you.


Instagram is one of Oreo’s strongest social channels. This is because of two key factors:

  1. Their target market are highly active on Instagram
  2. Oreo produce visually appealing content which works well on Instagram.

Posting once or twice per week at a rough average, Oreo often get over fifteen thousand likes and a few thousand comments. The comments, much like Facebook, are made up of a lot of people tagging their friends and also expressing their amazement because of the content and the product itself.

Oreo use bright, welcoming colours in their content. The post above is one of the darkest images on Oreo’s Instagram, yet it’s still quite vibrant with the white and red colours. Even though the colours are striking, the posts are always very well designed and bold. I would notice this post if I was scrolling through a hashtag search stream because of the good design and simplicity of the design too. This is all credit to Oreo, they have planned this out well and ensured they have a great designer on their team to make their plans into a reality.


Oreo haven’t spent quite as much time working on their YouTube channel but it is still a strong channel. With thousands of views on each video, it’s important to remember that in terms of keywords the brand name may well get searched a lot. This will help the channel get found if it’s set up well and will lead to more video views. That’s one of the big bonuses of being a global brand!

Below is a screenshot of the channel, it’s nicely set up and the featured video was added recently. This would indicate that it is used to promote a recent product or campaign launch.

Almost all of Oreo’s social media activity is geared towards product and brand awareness or profile raising. By watching their YouTube videos and having looked at their other social channels it is becoming very clear that all of their posts are designed to be highly shareable.

As well as having created playlists that contain content specifically for different countries and regions all around the world, Oreo do have some YouTube channels dedicated to those areas too. These playlists are mostly filled with TV commercials that were aired and promoted.

It’s important to remember that you can embed a YouTube video into a blog post, share it to social media or via a message on multiple platforms in a matter of seconds. This is why Oreo have put as many videos as they have on their YouTube channel, it aligns with their strategy for other social channels. Highly shareable content placed o social channels where it is easy to share both your own and others’ content.


After reviewing these social channels it is very clear that Oreo wanted to create content that is highly shareable and visually appealing. The strategy appears to be as follows:

In effect, this is a very clever strategy. It is time and cost effective for the brand. The only costs that their social media activity brings is the time and money/tools to create the social media content and post it. There is also some time for a Social Media Manager to reply to some messages. However, even with this they reach a staggering number of people. The strategy makes up for the time that isn’t spent, it is very well thought out.

Because they share such great content they don’t need to spend time everyday sharing content similar to their own but from other brands. How Oreo use social media is all based around getting other people to share content for them, this will help them reach new people and they then encourage people to create their own content based around the brand. Once they endorse this content and have people creating and sharing their own content for the brand, Oreo are winning social media!

Have you seen any other brands that use social media similarly? Or is there a brand you would like us to review for our next case study? Tell us in the comments or tweet us at @liveandsocial. Don’t forget to share this post on your own social media channels.

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