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Circus Essay In Marathi

A Visit to A Circus Show

A Visit to A Circus Show :

The famous great Bombay circus has been running its show in our city for the last two months. It has been attracting very large crowds. People who had seen its show were full of immense praise for the daring physical feats of men and women and the feats of the tamed animals. The lions, the elephants and the hippopotamus were the talk of the town. People were much impressed by the items of the circus displayed before them.

On a Sunday we made a program to visit the circus. The show began at 6.00 p.m. We reached the circus, purchased our tickets and were in our seats by 5.45p.m. The show began at six. First of all some young gymnasts, both boys an girl, showed their physical feats. They twisted their bodies in many ways. One wondered whether their bodies were made of flesh or rubber. The physical movements of their bodies were greatly applauded by all. Intermittent fests by the jokes made the spectators burst in to laughter. They seemed to be quite an expert in the entire serious feats but they performed them in a funny way just to amuse the people.

Physical feats lasted for about an hour. Then came the cyclists. They presented good fests on wheels. Their valiant and dangerous feats then followed. The motor cyclists ran their motor cycles simultaneously in a deep well. They called it the “well of death" and it WAs really so. There were many other such daring and dangerous feats which keep the spectators spellbound.

Last of all were displayed the feats of animals. The monkeys rode unicycles. A bear drove a motor cycle. Then came the turn of the elephants their leader saluted the spectators and played football. The show of the lions was marvelous. It really proved man’s supremacy over the animals. The lion and the goat stood side by side. What an achievement man has made! The show ended at 9.00p.m. We came out of circus full of praise for it.

A Visit to A Circus Show

I am a Bengal lion. I was born in the jungles of Assam. I roamed wild in the forest along with others of my species. I was as free as a bird. I killed lambs and goats and feasted upon them. I was the master of all I surveyed. I feared nobody. All the other animals of the jungle were afraid of me. Even elephants took to their heels on seeing me. I was proud of my prowess.

One day, a hunter armed with a gun came to the forest. He fired random shots and struck terror into the heart of one and all. My parents advised me not to leave my den but I turned a deaf ear to their advice. I slipped out of my hiding place and began to roam about quite freely and fearlessly.

I came upon a young fat lamb tied in a small hut. My mouth watered at the sight. I sprang upon it and began to eat it up. Suddenly the door closed in upon me. I was caught in the hunter's trap. I was allowed to starve. I became lean and thin. I was reduced to a skeleton. I lost all my strength and ferocity. I was as meek as a lamb.

The hunter came with other members of his party and a team of hounds. I was chained and led to Kolkata. I was sold to the manager of a circus party then giving shows in Kolkata. I was handed over to the ring master. He began to train and break me in. The training was Very hard and exhausting. I was trained to stand on my hind legs and salute. I was trained to pass through a ring of fire. I was taught severe feats of gymnastics. At the slightest mistakes, I was severely whipped.

Now I am with the circus party. It moves from place to place and gives its shows. I am shut up in a cage. I have grown old and weak but have to work hard. If I am a bit slack in my work, I am whipped mercilessly. I yearn for my lost freedom and fresh air but my fate seems to have been sealed forever. No chances of escape are in sight. Only death will put an end to all my troubles.