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Transfer Into Argosy's Master's Accelerated Plan

Students wishing to transfer to Argosy University to complete their bachelor’s degree, may also apply for the Master’s Accelerated Plan. MAP allows students to take graduate-level courses that count towards a bachelor's degree and advanced standing in a master's program. Final acceptance is dependent upon confirmation of CGPA and an evaluation of transfer credit. Transferring applicants are encouraged to arrange for official transcripts of all prior college-level coursework to be submitted to Argosy University at the start of the application process. For more information about qualifying for MAP, contact an Argosy University Admissions Representative.

Learn more about MAP here

Credits Transferring From Argosy Into Another Institution

The below links include the specific information concerning which postsecondary institution(s) will accept credits earned at this location

How to transfer to another Argosy University location

If you are currently enrolled and in good academic and financial standing, you may request to change your Argosy University campus of record, unless a program is limited by accreditation or state regulatory requirements.

If you have less than 30% of your degree program to complete, you may take courses at another campus while officially remaining a student of record at your initial campus, except where either programmatic accreditation or state regulatory requirements impose restrictions. If you are a doctoral student and would like to move to a new campus, you must have 18 semester hours of coursework left to complete, not including dissertation, prior to the move.

Internal transfers across different programs are not guaranteed; however, relocations from one campus to another within a specific degree program for students in good standing are automatic, except where state regulatory requirements or program accreditation requirements differ. If you are transferring within the same degree program from one location to another:

  • Consult with your program chair and student service staff prior to relocation.
  • All credits and grades earned at your initial location are applicable at your new location, unless state regulatory requirements or campus-specific programmatic accreditation restricts such movement.
  • You must fulfill all financial obligations at your current campus before your relocation or transfer is complete.
  • Courses taken at another Argosy University location will be applied to your overall grade point average (GPA).

If you are transferring and applying for a new degree program, you may be required to submit additional materials for admission to the new degree program. The Admissions Department at the new location will notify the transferring student if additional documents are required.

To begin the internal transfer process, please contact your academic advisor or counselor. If you are a former student who would like to return to Argosy University, please visit our Readmissions page instead.

Decide how you want to learn

Balancing the demands of work, family, and an education can be tough. That’s why Argosy University offers a variety of degree programs in flexible learning formats, including evening, weekend, and online courses, designed to fit your busy schedule. Whatever your choice, you are offered the same quality coursework and outcomes.

Choose from the following flexible learning formats:

Campus learning

Interact face-to-face with instructors and other students at one of our 28 campus locations throughout the United States.

Blended format

Blend campus and online learning to create a personalized education experience that suits your needs.

Distance education

Experience a distance-learning format that blends the flexibility of online learning with the power of face-to-face interaction in the classroom at our Sarasota, Florida location. Designed for the adult learner, the distance-learning model requires that you attend an intensive 3 day session on-campus no more than one weekend per semester and as little as one weekend per year. Our distance-learning format attracts students from all over the country to our programs creating a rich and diverse learning experience.

Online classes

Discover 100% online degree programs that give you the freedom to decide when – and from where – you attend class. The most flexible and convenient of our learning formats, our online programs allow you to log into your classes any time of the day or night. As an online student, you’ll enjoy an interactive university experience through our online campus, the Campus Common, which provides a comprehensive range of support services, direct access to our experienced faculty; and the opportunity to become an active participant in our university student community.